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Dry Salt Therapy is also extremely beneficial to your skin in treating: 

Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema

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Reiki for Well-being 

Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative medicine that is commonly known as energy healing. Unseen energy flows through all living things and directly affects the quality of one's health. It's been part of the wisdom of many cultures since ancient times. 

Reiki promotes one’s natural healing ability, encourages relaxation, and reduces stress while balancing your physical, emotional, and mental spiritual body. At Starrship Temperance, we practice Quantum Reiki, harnessing all the energy everywhere. Traditional reiki channels the energy of the universe, which is limited.


We use healing crystals to intensify the healing process; color therapy, sound therapy, and aromatherapy combine to raise your vibration. 


Reiki sessions are offered in 30- and 60-minute sessions. Please let us know if you have any allergies prior to your session.

Home Energy Cleansing 

Alicia Rawson, a Certified Reiki Master, will cleanse your home or personal space of negative and stagnant energy. Each session entails an environmental scan, home numerology, smudging, and a ritual cleanse. 

Rates start at $70 and are subject to change depending on size and location of space.
COVID-19 protocols will be followed and required for all parties involved (client and practitioner). 

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