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Starrship Temperance Glitter Teas

Starrship Temperance glitter teas are made using food-grade edible glitter (sugar crystals and non-toxic food coloring) to create a perfect shimmer and a little bit of sparkle to your tea. Breathe deep and sip happiness! Our tea comes from both locally sourced farms and fair trade organic suppliers.

Starrship Glitter Tea uses only tea leaves that come from the top of the tea trees. We package the tea loose or in tea bags for your convenience.  

Hippie Honey, Scented Sugars & Magic Maple Syrup

Vermont bees help make this Starrship Temperance Hippie Honey! We add food-grade edible glitter (made from sugar crystals and non-toxic food coloring) to premium raw and unfiltered honey from hives in Hartford, Vermont. It’s perfect for holidays, birthdays, celebrations, or any day you want to add a little shimmer to life. 

Our scented sugars sweeten up your sass! We pair organic cane sugar, lavender, a pinch of edible glitter for the perfect addition to your crystal tea ball. Available in a 3x4 holographic pack.

We are FDA Certified 10765395228.

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