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Alicia has extensive experience and qualifications in the following areas 
  1. Medium Readings

  2. Numerology

  3. Group Readings

  4. Location Readings

  5. Video/Phone Readings

  6. Help finding missing loved ones

  7.  Intuitive Reiki/ Crystal Reiki

  8. Animal Reiki

  9. Animal Communication

  10. Dream Interpreter 

  11. Wellness (meditation circles)

  12. Tarot Card Readings

  13. Location Smudging



Starrship Glitter Tea (100% organic, edible glitter tea available in 4 Flavors or Customized glitter colors upon request.  Tea comes with 5 bags and a healing crystal star. $15.00 per bag. Find us on  or under Starrship Temperance or message me for orders.  Starrship Raw Hippie Honey This is Raw Honey and sugar crystals. Jars hold 1.5 oz of honey  or 17.3 oz jars.

 All the edible glitter is non-toxic and made in the USA,  The Honey is from a local Bee Farm in Vermont.


We offer Wholesale and retail price list. Message us for a wholesale price list.

Medium Readings

I am a medium and clairvoyant, what that means is I go between realms and communicate with one's who have passed over. I see everything very clearly, I get the message perceive it then pass it on.






The awareness that an unseen energy flows through all living things and directly affects the quality of one's health. It's been part of the wisdom of many cultures since ancient times.

What is Intuitive Reiki ?

Reiki with a medium experience.

meditation 1.jpeg


Offering Thursday night biweekly 30 minute meditation circles for $20.00 per person per circle, check the social media for dates and times or email me for details.

Offering private circles email me for details.





Assist in Cases of Missing Persons

Using my mediumship to help locate missing loved ones.


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