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Dandelion Delight

Dandelion Delight


Our Dandelion Delight tea is a magical blend of dandelion root, raspberry leaf, lemongrass, and edible glitter. This loose tea is carefully crafted to make 8-10 cups of delicious and soothing tea. The dandelion root and raspberry leaf are a source of protective antioxidants and offer powerful digestive support. The lemongrass adds a bright and refreshing flavor, while the edible glitter adds a touch of whimsy. In addition to its delightful taste, this tea may also provide relief from mouth ulcers, sore throats, gum disease, and inflammatory conditions. It may also help alleviate menstrual cramping and water retention, and is said to support the late stage of pregnancy. Enjoy the enchanting flavor and potential health benefits of our Dandelion Delight tea, whether you need a soothing cup to relax with or are looking for a magical way to support your well-being.


Starrship Temperance glitter teas are made using food-grade edible glitter (sugar crystals and non-toxic food coloring) to create a perfect shimmer and a little bit of sparkle to your tea. Breathe deep and sip happiness! Our tea comes from both locally sourced farms and fair trade organic suppliers.

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